Property Tax and Budget

There are 2 principle factors that determine the amount of property tax.

1. Assessment - Market Value of your property based on 2 years prior. The assessment is determined by the Provincial Assessment Office.
2. Mill Rate - Determined by the Rural Municipality when the current year's budget is developed.

Questions about your assessment?

The Provincial Assessment Office is responsible for determining assessments on properties.
Information on assessment can be obtained here.
Questions related to the assessment on your property can be directed to the Souris Assessment Office, Ph: 1-866-262-9854.

Farm Use Assessments

Municipal Budget

Each year Council for the Municipality develops a budget which outlines the financial plan for the current year. This budget is derived from costs of running the municipality and is divided into the municipalities assessment which generates a mill rate. The mill rate is then applied against the assessment for each individual property which determines the level of tax to be levied on each property.

School Taxes

Each individual School Division determines their own mill rate that they will charge property owners. The Municipality is responsible for collecting this money and then remitting it to the School Division in accordance with provincial legislation. For questions regarding school taxes contact your local school division office.

Farmland School Tax Rebate

The Province has provided a program which rebates to the property owner a certain percentage of school tax that is paid on farmland. Rebate forms are mailed out to property owners.


Property taxes must be paid in full
Municipal office signs the rebate form indicating payment has been received OR copy of the receipt for tax payment is submitted with the rebate form.
Completed form & receipt is submitted to MASC or the MB Agriculture Office.
If approved, the rebate will be mailed out to property owner.

Homeowners Tax Assistance Credit

The Province has provided a program which rebates to home owners a certain amount of tax paid. This tax credit is allowed for the principle residence of the homeowner only, and is only applicable for properties which are owner/occupied and have been occupied prior to January 1st of that year.

This tax credit will appear on your tax statement as a credit. If you did not receive this credit on your tax statement, contact the municipal office.

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