Outdoor Activities

Eternal Springs

Lat: 49.8356°N Long: -100.7209°W

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Eternal Springs is located 7 miles directly east of Virden and includes 2 small stocked trout ponds, a 66-foot swinging bridge, BBQ pits, hiking trails, and day-use picnic areas. The site is maintained by local volunteers.

Salt Lake

Lat: 49.903087°N Long: -100.703300°W

Located in the RM of Wallace-Woodworth, Salt Lake provides a small body of water with a sand beach, bathroom, and change room facilities, picnic tables, and fire pits, and a boat launch.

Kenworth Dam

Lat: 49.975152°N Long: -100.609135°W

Located one mile south of Kenton of PTH No. 21 and 1/2 mile west, the site of the Kenworth Dam has been developed for camping, swimming, and fishing.