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Special Events Funding

The Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth receives numerous requests throughout the year from organizations for various Special Events and/or non-typical operational and capital project requirements. 

The Municipality is committed to the communities it serves and therefore commits limited financial provisions in its annual financial plan in order to provide assistance with these Special Events/Projects throughout the Municipality, when deemed appropriate.

Council will determine the maximum financial commitment available for Special Events/Project Funding in each fiscal year to provide funding annually, within its annual Financial Plan, and as approved by Council.
All sponsorship requests must be submitted to the Municipal office in writing and directed to Council on or before December 31st of each year to be dealt with on a "First come – First serve” basis, within the current fiscal year.  All requests for sponsorship should be directed to Council well in advance of the event so that the request can be considered at a regularly scheduled Council meeting.
Special Event/Project Funding provided across the Municipality may be for operating and/or capital costs of the organization. Sponsorship(s) will only be approved for Special Events or Projects, Sports Events, Festivals, Non-Profit Groups, or for Personal Sponsorship – as defined below.  


a. Special Event or Project- an event held within the Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth or outside the municipality if it has direct benefit to its ratepayers, occurring with a frequency no greater than once every two years,   which provides a high profile and significant economic benefit for the Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth through a large number of estimated spectators and tourists, and through the expected extent of publicity generated. 

b. Sports Event- an event where the athletic skills of individuals or groups are showcased or where a champion for a level of competition is determined (i.e. provincial, regional, national, international). 

c. Festival- an event that provides for fun and enjoyment for the public in the Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth and attracts widespread spectators and tourists to the Municipality. 

d. Non-Profit Group – an organization, whether or not incorporated, whose entire resources are devoted to social, educational, health, charitable, or any other non-profit purpose.  The members, contributors and other resource providers do not receive any financial return directly from the organization. 


Project Eligibility & Guidelines: 

To be eligible for Special Event Funding the following criteria must be met: 

a. Sponsorship(s) will never be issued on an automatic basis or on an ongoing basis from year to year.   

b. Must be non-profit organization. 

c. Organizations that exist primarily for political purposes, for-profit, or for the purpose of providing funding to other groups are not eligible. 

d. Each organization, if approved, may only receive one (1) Special Event Funding opportunity per year. 

e. The event must be held within the Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth, and may also be held outside the RM of Wallace-Woodworth if it has direct benefit to its ratepayers. 


Funding will not be considered in the following instances: 

a. Provincial, national, or international charities will not receive Sponsorship.  Such requests will not be passed to Council by the Municipal Administration. 

b. Where only an individual will benefit (unless the individual is recognized for excellence in a field or has an outstanding achievement). 


The approval process for the Special Events/Project Funding is as follows: 

a. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides any/all eligible letters of request, to Council at the next regular meeting of Council held after the request is received by the office. 

b. Council reviews the requests and funding may be approved by Resolution of Council if funds are available as per the Financial Plan for the current year, and if Council considers that the Special Event/Project falls within the guidelines of the Grants Policy. 

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