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Spring Road Restrictions

The Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth Council implements Spring Road Restrictions on Ward 2 (former RM of Wallace boundaries) coinciding with the onset of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Spring Road Restrictions.

In order to reduce damage to municipal roads, the following limits will apply:

-  Paved roads – Weight will be limited to 45kg per 10mm of tire width on any one axle assembly.

-  Gravel roads – Weight will be limited to 60 kg per 10 mm of tire width on any one axle assembly.

-  Speed limit – On all municipal roads will be reduced to 50 kms/hr for the entire duration of Spring Road Restrictions. 

-  Start Date – Coincides with MIT Spring Road Restrictions 

-  Proposed End Date – At the discretion of the municipality, Road Restrictions Still in Effect 

-  Spring Road Restrictions will be put into effect for Ward 2 only (formerly the R.M. of Wallace).

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Motor carriers and other businesses should plan spring time activities based on these road restrictions.


If hauling is required during road bans, an authorization from the R.M. of Wallace-Woodworth is mandatory.  Any company or individual wishing to apply for a permit to exceed the weight restrictions must submit the following information:

1.  Completed One-Time Use Application for permit to haul on municipal roads during the road restriction season; have all information forwarded to  

2.  A detailed map indicating the roads you wish to use, with the points you wish to access clearly marked;

3.  $100.00 Administration fee for each haul permit.


Permits will be issued for the first two weeks of Spring Road Restrictions only, no permits will be issued for Drilling Rigs.

Please allow a minimum of two business days for processing your application.

Important Numbers: 

-  RM of Wallace-Woodworth (Information/Permits) (204) 748-1239

-  Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (204) 726-6800

-  Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Permit Services 1-877-812-0009


Important Websites: 

-  RM Updates – 

- RM Interactive Road Closure Map -

-  MIT Updates -

-  Petroleum Branch -